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It’s OK to start over!

A Power Pro moment:

Sometime you have to stop and just start over. It’s ok to say “I didn’t get it right.” It’s ok to say, “God that was what I wanting and not what you wanted me to have.” It’s ok to admit to God, “I was too busy trying to prove others wrong and so I bit off more than I can chew and now need God to help get out of it” It’s ok to admit your fault and missteps. It’s ok. Start over. There is no shame in starting everything over so that you can get it right. When we keep going on when we know we need to start over, we cause more damage. Look at the fruit it produces…more damage. My prayer is to be impactful in a positive way. My prayer is to be effective. My prayer is to be a light in the specific area God called me to be a light in. Everybody’s assignment ain’t your assignment. Everybody vision at your vision. It’s ok. Start over today and only walk in what God has called you to do. The God of a new start is with you.

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